Want to rank higher on search engines?

Fresh content drives higher rankings!

Search engine algorithms are putting an emphasis on new, relevant and original content on websites. While keywords are still important, it is more important how you use them on your web pages – in landing pages, articles, blogs, white papers and case studies.

When a potential customer searches for you, what are they asking for? Use that information to construct content that speaks to their immediate need, right when they need it. Creating such content takes time, and time is something every marketing professional is short on.

Write Like That’s Digital Content Creation Division will meet with you and talk about how much and what type of content would improve your site.

  • A weekly blog? Done.
  • A high-level article to engage their interest? We can do it.
  • A detailed case study to close the deal? We’ve done that too.

Maybe you need a whole new website. Write Like That partners with web developers to offer a “one stop shop” solution that can design, program and write the content for an online storefront to attract and retain potential clients and customers.

Ready to rank? Write Like That can help you meet all your online marketing needs.