Write Like That can provide proposal training to your small business and personnel. What do you need to know? ​

  • How do I get started in government contracting?
  • How do I find solicitations?
  • ​I found a solicitation, but how do I get started?
  • What should a proposal look like?
  • How do I price this thing?
  • ​I’m just overwhelmed looking at the requirements. What’s a good plan of attack?
  • ​What is the FAR?
  • How do I fill out all these forms?
  • Do I really need to meet all the requirements?
  • ​How long should a proposal be?
  • I turned in the proposal, what happens next?

​Write Like That can answer all of these questions and more. Training is provided online via web meetings or can occur in person at your office or job site.