Presenting and Public Speaking

Looking for someone to come talk to a group at a conference or workshop about proposal writing or proposal management?

​​Marci Martin is happy to come talk to your attendees about:

  • how to find solicitations
  • read to find the real requirements
  • how to determine if the business qualifies
  • make a “go – no go” decision
  • how to make a plan of action
  • how to write
  • ​design or format a proposal
  • ​how to be compliant
  • how to fill out standard forms and other proforma
  • ​how to submit pricing
  • understanding the FAR and other regulations
  • ​review cycles
  • ​final checks
  • ​proper submission etiquette
  • ​following up for debriefs and feedback

​Our high-quality presentations use real world examples and relatable language so attendees leave with not only a greater understanding of the proposal process, but energized and confident in the pursuit of government contracts.