Need proposal writing and management help?

We’ve all been there. There is more work to pursue than there is staff and time to pursue it.
Management is saying, “We have to go after this.”
The business development department is operating in overdrive, asking “Can we get more staff?”.
But…the answer may not be adding staff to the marketing or business development department.

  • Needs can change effort to effort.
  • Budgets are tight.
  • Another full-time person can be a direct hit to the bottom line in salary and benefits.

So what’s the answer?

Write Like That, Inc. can help.

With experienced project management personnel, proposal and technical writers and graphic designers, Write Like That can step in and write to specifications or manage an entire submittal effort from kickoff to submittal. As an extension of your resources at a fraction of the cost, we are:

  •  Available on demand, effort by effort.
  •  Knowledgeable.
  •  Experienced.
  •  A “fresh” set of eyes.

Our targeted approach eliminates time spent on other assigned projects for personnel on staff and reduces the overall cost of proposal preparation. Studies have shown the average cost of proposal preparation is 1% to 2% of the contract value, depending on complexity of the project. Write Like That averages less than 0.5% of contract value on services proposals and 1% on intricate field or product design.  Clients also benefit from cost saving and efficiencies gained from proposal to proposal as our working relationship continues and library of resources grows.